Easter Keepsake Frame



[product does not include the keepsakes in front]

ACRYLIC BOX FRAME can open like a drawer, allowing you to fill the foreground with 3D objects including baby easter eggs, baby decor carrots and bunnies while still allowing you to slip a easter photograph in and out of the background. And because we love versatility, this can be used just as easily as a frame, without filling out the foreground. 
Send us a high res image with the link below. You can alternatively add your own image when you get frame.
For a fun custom add on a vinyl sticker. [price is additional  to these products]
sizes available:
6x4inch [thickness 40mm]
5x7inch [thickness 40mm]
6x8inch [thickness 40mm]
8x10 inch [thickness 40mm]
10x10 inch [thickness 50mm]
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