Wedding Bouquet and Photo Frame




Wedding Bouquet/ Photo Frame

Say "I do" to the perfect wedding bouquet display. This acrylic frame from Perlplex is perfect for preserving your wedding bouquet. It's a great gift for the happy couple or for yourself. With a range of sizes, you can choose the perfect size for your bouquet. It's easy to use and high quality, so you can be sure your bouquet will last a lifetime. Style your own way with this wedding bouquet and photograph frame.

 How to prepare your wedding bouquet before displaying in one of our Perspex frames.

  • Remove any ribbon and florist tape or bind that has been used to hold your wedding bouquet together.
  • Remove any unwanted or damp foliage from the stems, you may need to trim stems to fit into your frame.
  • Gather the stems and tie together with clean dry twine.
  • Hang upside down in a dry, cool and dark place where they won’t be disturbed.
  • Allow to dry fully for at least 3 week

*product is sold empty and doesn't include the dried flowers in them

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Available Sizes.

Small - 6x4 inch [40mm thick] $39.99

Medium - 6x8inch [40mm thick] - $54.99

Large - 8x10 inch [40 mm thick] $79.99

Extra Large - 10x10 inch [50mm thick] $120.00

Extra Extra Large -  15x15 inch [50mm thick] $189.99