Acrylic Photo Frame [add your own chocolates]


ACRYLIC BOX FRAME  can open like a drawer, allowing you to fill the foreground with 3D objects including your partners favourite chocolates for valentines day while still allowing you to slip a photograph in and out for the background.

* Add your favourite partners chocolates and add a couple photo in back of frame. You can print it yourself or send it to use to do it
  • UV Stabiliser in Acrylic
  • Versatile - can be hung on a wall [small size frames with 3m tape bigger sizes with a keyhole and nail] or placed on any surface
  • Easy slide access to change print
  • Dimensions
  • 50x80cm [ thickness 25 mm]
  • 4x6 inches / 10x15 cm  [thickness 40mm]
  • 6x8 inch / 15x20 cm  [thickness 40mm]
  • 8x10 inch /20x25 cm [thickness 40mm]
  • 10x10inch [thickness 50mm]

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