Wedding bouquet frame


Dry your wedding flower bouquet and add them to our open acrylic box frames.


Acrylic box opens like a drawer, allowing you to fill the foreground with dried flowers & back you can slip a wedding print in back too.

You can ask your florist to do dry them for you or you can try dry them yourself. 

Preserving your wedding bouquet flowers is a beautiful way to keep your wedding day memories alive .

*product is sold empty and doesn't include the dried flowers in them

Available Sizes.

Small - 6x4 inch [40mm thick] $39.99

Medium - 6x8inch [40mm thick] - $54.99

Large - 8x10 inch [40 mm thick] $69.99

Extra Large - 10x10 inch [50mm thick] $110.00

Extra Extra Large -  15x15 inch [50mm thick] $189.99