About us

Hi I am Justine 🌟
📸 I have been a photographer for 25 years specialising in portraits,commercial work and events.
When helping clients frame their images, they often asked for a modern acrylic frame to hang on the wall or stand that was easy to change images over at any time.
I searched for such a frame but didn't find anything I liked.
Through this search, Perlplex was born.
The name came from my surname Perl and plex from perspex.
🖼️ I went through the year-long process of designing the Perlplex frame.
How it would sit, stand, and what depth would look best.
At first the Perlplex frame was a frame for prints only and then I designed it to be able to add items in front.
🌸 Perlplex really took off when I tried to add dried flowers to the front.
These days, your favourite frames are the Photo Flower Frame and the Flower Frame.
Justine xoxo