Perlplex Acrylic Box Frame

  • $44.99


PRE ORDER 8x10 inch & 6x8 inch OPEN ACRYLIC BOX FRAMES. WILL ARRIVE 6 NOVEMBERIntroducing our newest product to the range, the PERLPLEX

Acrylic Box Frames have been cleverly designed by photographer Justine Perl, to make your favourite photographs truly stand out.

Specifically designed to enhance your favourite images, these unique Acrylic Box Frames are so versatile and can be displayed in a range of ways - hung on a wall or displayed on a coffee table, the possibilities are endless.

Feel like a change? Slide the photo out and replace it with your new fave... simple as that! 

So whether it's a professional photo, amateur print or your child's special artwork, the PERLPLEX Acrylic Box Frame is sure to make every image look spectacular!

  • UV Stabiliser in Acrylic

  • Versatile - can be hung on a wall or placed on any surface

  • Easy slide access to change print

  • Dimensions

    • 4x6 inches / 10x15 cm

    • 5x7 inch / 13x18 cm

    • 6x8 inch / 15x20 cm

    • 8x10 inch /20x25 cm

  • Thickness - 40mm


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